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Traditional Bathroom Ideas in Assorted Styles

There are many ways you can choose to make your traditional bathroom looks much more gorgeous. One of those ways is following our traditional bathroom ideas. The ideas you’ll find on this page are going to guide you to spread more stunning look in your bathroom. We won’t waste your precious time, let us just start.

1. Victorian styled traditional master bathroom


Get this bathroom style by adding freestanding bath into your bathroom. White bathtub with the silver colored faucet in the middle of your bathroom is going to make it a beautiful centerpiece of the room. If your bathroom is small and your bathtub must stay next to the wall, add two sconces on the wall to perfect its look.

2. Traditional bathroom with vintage interior design


Just like the Victorian bathroom, you need to place your freestanding bath in the middle of the bathroom. Crystal chandelier above the bathtub will be a nice decoration that matches your bathtub. Use pastel blue and white in your vintage bathroom. White for bathroom furniture and windows frame, blue for the walls and bathroom clothes.

3. Bohemian designed bathroom for fresh couples


The key to this outstanding bathroom design is adding so many colors and patterns to your bathroom. Colorful plaid flooring, lime green painted walls, red wooden cabinets, batik framed wall mirror, and printed shower curtain are some examples. Combination of those incredible colors and patterns will create an eclectic look in your bathroom.

4. Rustic style bathroom idea


Woods and some stones are what you need to build this magnificent rustic bathroom. Wooden bathtub, wooden floor, wooden door, wooden ceiling, wooden cabinets, and stone countertops are perfect. Don’t forget the wooden framed mirror and some ornaments made from stones to accentuate the rustic feel.

5. Industrial traditional bathroom ideas


You are going to need everything shiny to create this incredible industrial themed bathroom. Use stainless steel in everything. Bathroom sink, cabinets, and towel holder will create the industrial feel. No need to hide your pipes, they will perfect your outstanding industrial bathroom.

6. Scandinavian bathroom inspiration with elegant touches


Scandinavian style is what you need if you want your traditional bathroom looks chic. Bring this style to your own bathroom by hanging circular wall mirror with traditional sconce above each mirror. Use white as the main color with just a little bit black or beige or brown as the accent. Apply the accent color only on the sink or on the mirror frame. Leave the rest in white.

7. Bathroom interior with wonderful retro theme


First, you need to decide the main color you will apply in your retro bathroom. It must be bright like pink or yellow or green. Then apply the color you chose to the tiles or bathroom furniture. Use white on the accessories to neutralize your bright colored bathroom. Bright colors will divine the retro feels in the room.

8. Midcentury bathroom idea for small room


Big wooden cabinets under the sink are the main furniture you must add to your bathroom. Without that piece, you will never get the midcentury bathroom style. No matter what color you spread on the wall, floor, and ceiling, the wooden cabinets must come in its natural color. It is better if you can complement it with bold framed mirrors from woods.

9. Japanese style bathroom interior


You will never turn your bathroom into a Japanese style bathroom without square wooden bathtub. Bring in as many as bamboo to your bathroom. Bamboo-framed wall mirror, bamboo water faucet, and bamboo decorations are perfect décor for Japanese styled bathroom.

10. Relaxing nautical bathroom


The color of water, sand, and sun are the keys for the extraordinary nautical bathroom. Use navy and beige in your bathroom. Then add some nautical accessories like anchor décor, starfish wall décor, and so on.

11. Steampunk traditional bathroom ideas


This one looks like an industrial one but has unique steampunk bathtub and sink that will give a more unique look to your bathroom. Put the unique tub in the middle of the room.

12. Not so scary gothic bathroom style


This style is not recommended for owners of the small bathroom because this décor is going to make the room feels smaller. Dark colors must be applied in most elements of the room.

13. Most luxurious bathroom with palatial interior


Palatial is most elegant bathroom interior. Use marble or granite in your bathroom. Build some poles. Use elegant colors like white, black, and gold to get this luxurious bathroom.

14. Cute bathroom with wainscoting design


Wainscoting is not always in white. You can also use pastel blue, green, grey, and even black. They’ll always perfect your bathroom.

15. Yurt traditional bathroom interior design


Because of the unique woods used on the ceiling and wall, this bathroom may look like a rustic bathroom. But this one looks simpler yet more artistic than rustic.

More Traditional Bathroom Ideas Soon

So, which one between our ideas above suits your bathroom the most? Stay tuned! We will add another traditional bathroom ideas soon.

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