Teen Bathroom Ideas for the Young Souls

TEEN BATHROOM IDEAS – Decorating a ten bathroom differs from doing so for adult or small kid bathroom. Teenagers love bathroom design that looks joyful but at the same time doesn’t feel cheesy.

Creative is the correct word for a teen bathroom. So, what makes a teen bathroom a cool site of a house? We collect 10 teen bathroom models that hopefully can inspire you remodelling or making one for yourself or for your teen kids.

Fancy Teen Bathroom

Fancy Teen Bathroom
Source: nwiyouthfootball.org

As teenagers are up for experiments, try choosing unusual colours for the bathroom. Feel free to mix and match the bathroom theme colour with unusual furniture model. Our first recommendation best sums up the ideas.

The pinkish hue creates the bathroom into such a soft and sweet bathroom. The bathroom modifies the colour with the pink wallpaper on the backdrop of the sink area. We notice the wallpaper contains the floral design.

The bathroom sets up the floating, pink sink containers. We salute the bathroom remains prioritizing health as it retains the spacious feel, here.

Wonderful Teen Bathroom

Wonderful Teen Bathroom
Source: photos.hgtv.com

Blue can be your next colour choice for a teen bathroom. The colour produces a bright and mild atmosphere in the bathroom. You need to pair a plain and patterned motif design to make your teen bathroom extraordinary.

The bathroom, for instance, pairs the bathroom’s plain bluish tone with the bluish patterned motif curtain. You can later play with accessories to sweeten the bathroom. The yellow flowers and the pictures look simple but seem refreshing.

Despite the narrow space, the bathroom still looks wonderful and chic.

Homey Teen Bathroom

Homey Teen Bathroom
Source: bhg.com.au

While the first two examples look more proper for female teens, the example seems fine for both male and female ones. You can never go wrong with white and brown when thinking of a teen bathroom for both sexes.

The bathroom occupies the narrow space. The bathroom still seems homey and cool despite the plenty of items. To reach the bathroom’s goal, you can pack the bathroom with the live plants, the small pictures and the reclaimed ladder as the storage.

Interestingly, the bathroom still manages to provide tissues and towels as stockpiles.

Sweet Teen Bathroom

Sweet Teen Bathroom
Source: bestfriendsforfrosting.com

Like the first example, the teen bathroom picks up pink then modifies the colour. This time around, the bathroom looks more diverse with the pinkish hue that appears in most of the bathroom.

The bathroom suggests you detailing all aspects, large or small, for the desired bathroom style. The idea is realized into the bathroom that looks all pink from the bathroom’s wall to the pink sink basin.

This is what we love from a teen bathroom. You can always find cute items in the bathroom that makes the bathroom look so sweet like this.

Nautical Teen Bathroom

Nautical Teen Bathroom
Source: homebnc.com

Although the bathroom applies a classic design, teenagers will still love this. That’s because of the nautical accessories that pack the bathroom from top to down. With the blue-painted wooden walling, the ornaments make the bathroom looking so chic.

A teen can add more nautical items into the wall. They can bring along souvenirs they purchase while vacationing at the sea or purchase ones in offline or online stores. The bathroom brings in the traditional chair and table.

The bathroom tub also looks classic with the distressing legs of the bathroom tub and the plumbing design.

Cheerful Teen Bathroom

Cheerful Teen Bathroom
Source: houselogic.com

Yellow is a great choice for both male or female teenagers. That really depends on the bathroom and furniture designs. The example fits for the two sexes because of the minimalist bathroom design.

The yellow hue comes from the ceramics that feel so proper for all of the sexes. The bathroom hangs the cute picture. The yellow flowers and the rainbow-like towel make the bathroom looking more joyful.

The showering spot gets accompanied by the windows that allow you viewing the panorama behind the glass.

Fashionable Teen Bathroom

Fashionable Teen Bathroom
Source: propertyshutters.com

Is one of your daughters dreaming of becoming a fashion designer one day? Probably, producing a fashionista teen bathroom like this can help them make the dream comes true.

We call this a fashionista teen bathroom because of the trendy elements. Interestingly, the bathroom chooses grey and black, instead of pink or blue, as the theme colours. Even so, the bathroom looks classy with the mirror style.

The mosaic backdrop and the picture add the fashionable flavour.

Clever Teen Bathroom

Clever Teen Bathroom
Source: retrorenovation.com

We really adore the bathroom style. Crowded but still pretty. The bathroom keeps the area effective by turning it as the bathroom and the storage area. With the pinkish hue, the bathroom looks attractive with the coloured items.

The blue fabrics, the patterned motif valance and artificial leaves look terrific. On the other hand, the bathroom has small storage for displaying beautiful ceramics and picture, among others.

Colourful Teen Bathroom

Colorful Teen Bathroom
Source: lonny.com

We really salute the teen bathroom that mixes classic design with bright colours. The result thus feels so appealing. The bathroom chooses the vintage table and the sink holder.

With the white backdrop, the bathroom fulfils it with the striped wall painting, the orange chair and the coloured throw pillow. There is a red rug that makes the bathroom looking bold and beautiful.

If you think teenagers dislike old-fashioned bathroom style, we believe this one is such an exception.

Nice Teen Bathroom

Nice Teen Bathroom
Source: curbly.com

We close the list with the bathroom style that looks super fine for both female and male teenagers. As the safe choice, go for white. The colour appears from the white-painted wooden boards and the ceramics.

The bathroom chooses the showering area for saving up space. The coolest thing about the bathroom refers to the sink area. Uniquely, the bathroom chooses the green-painted storage beneath the sink basins.

There are the ceramic, the unique candle holder, and the leaves on the bathroom’s corner. As for the “bold” hue, the bathroom picks up the red rug on the floor.

We personally love teen bathroom ideas because the concept challenges us searching for unique accessories, colour mixing and matching, and sub-style pairing. Have you got your favourite from the list, dear folks?