Outdoor Bathroom Ideas for the Unforgettable Sensation

OUTDOOR BATHROOM IDEAS – Taking a bath or a shower in an outdoor area brings sensation like no other for those who really love this activity. Blending with nature, healthy air and light top one’s mind when it comes to producing an outdoor bathroom.

We collect 10 outdoor bathroom models on the list. In each of the examples, we discuss what things that make them interesting. We also touch upon space availability and budget range. Hope they can spark ideas within your mind.

Natural Outdoor Bathroom

Natural Outdoor Bathroom
Source: homedit.com

For bringing natural ambience, this bathroom sets up wood all around it. The material functions as the walling, the short fence and the flooring of the bathroom. The same material also serves as the partition.

The outdoor bathroom chooses the bathroom tub and the showering spot. So, you can choose which one meets your interest. While stretching your legs, absorb the trees and the rice fields outside. They all seem refreshing.

As you close your eyes at the bathroom tub, you can hear the birds twittering and the air blowing your face. So soothing.

Refreshing Outdoor Bathroom

Refreshing Outdoor Bathroom
Source: beautyharmonylife.com

The example really looks like an oasis in the middle of a forest. The outdoor bathroom blends modern and traditional values. The modern touches come from the bathroom’s flooring with the ceramic style.

The bathroom tub feels a bit modern, too, with the colour selection. What is remarkable from the example is that the bathroom gets surrounded by live plants. It utilizes the timber type that seems traditional.

The bathroom consists of the bathroom tub and the sink area. We believe spending time at the bathroom refreshes one’s minds.

Homey Outdoor Bathroom

Homey Outdoor Bathroom
Source: veesko.com

You can include an outdoor bathroom in your house layout. This example actually produces an outdoor bathroom that is located in the backyard of the house. The outdoor bathroom gets surrounded by the tall, wooden fence.

The bathroom consists of the bathroom tub that resembles a large bowl. All over the bathroom tub are the live plants and the rocks. There is the showering spot as the second option.

The outdoor bathroom resembles a mini garden. This feels so homey and pleasant.

Cool Outdoor Bathroom

Cool Outdoor Bathroom
Source: hoomdesign.com

We believe the idea is also situated in the backyard of a house. This time around, the outdoor bathroom looks simpler and affordable. You can even produce the bathroom on your own.

The outdoor bathroom looks less costly thanks for the use of the material as the bench as well as the wall. The bathroom looks limited but cool because of the decorations. It surrounds the bathroom tub with the candles.

There is the pillow for allowing you getting relaxed optimally. The outdoor bathroom feels fresh with the trees above the bathroom.

Marvellous Outdoor Bathroom

Marvelous Outdoor Bathroom
Source: croatianwine.org

The outdoor bathroom seems marvellous because of the forest that surrounds the area. The bathroom selects wood to become the bathroom’s flooring and ceiling, among others.

We are drawn by the outdoor bathroom that is situated on the top like this. The bathroom tub feels natural with the material. In addition, the bathroom has a sink area that contains the two sink basins.

The whole bathroom look is perfect for holidays. With the green ambience all over, taking a bath in the area really cools one’s mind down.

Simple Outdoor Bathroom

Simple Outdoor Bathroom
Source: homishome.com

Once again, we provide for an outdoor bathroom that can be put at your house’s backyard. The example is more appropriate for small kids. After they finish playing football, they can go to the bathroom right away.

The bathroom consists of the showering spot with some free-standing showers. The bathroom sets up the wooden walling. There are pebbles that function like the bathroom’s flooring.

When not taking shower, the kids can wash their hands and legs given the faucets, here.

Luxurious Outdoor Bathroom

Luxurious Outdoor Bathroom
Source: maisonvalentina.net

We believe this outdoor bathroom belongs to a resort or an inn. But you can practice some tips from the bathroom concept for your house. The outdoor bathroom looks luxurious with the garden concept.

By essence, the bathroom consists of the bathroom tub, the pool, the sink area and the showering spot. All of them are made from premium materials, such as timber. Getting relaxed in the bathroom produces a top natural sensation.

That’s because of the plants surrounding the bathroom plus the outside view.

Wonderful Outdoor Bathroom

Wonderful Outdoor Bathroom
Source: newe.changeofheartbook.com

This one looks wonderful and exceptional with the stone-made walling. That’s quite difficult to realize as compared to the previous examples that utilize timber. Another interesting thing refers to the showering spot.

The area looks circular with the shower that is fixated at the bathroom’s walling. As for decorations, the bathroom surrounds the area with the live plants and the flowers. So, you can sense that the bathroom also feels beautiful, too.

Enjoyable Outdoor Bathroom

Enjoyable Outdoor Bathroom
Source: ideas.sawhd.com

Set aside some area in your house for an outdoor bathroom as simple like this. The bathroom depends on the showering spot. What attracts us lies in the bathroom decoration.

For instance, the bathroom sets up the wooden segment for allowing us passing through it with natural sensation. The backdrop of the shower is made from the stones. Not to forget, there are plants all over it.

The ladder takes up the towels as well as adds the extra natural flavour, here. This is a safe option when you wish for an outdoor bathroom that is secluded from outside lookers.

Awesome Outdoor Bathroom

Awesome Outdoor Bathroom
Source: decoratorist.com

Such awesomeness in wild nature. The outdoor bathroom, for us, feels lavish with the stone-made fence. That’s tough to realize but is so worth it. The bathroom looks very natural and refreshing.

The bathroom consists of the showering spot, the closet and the sink area. The bathroom practices the hut concept as seen from the bathroom’s ceiling. The bathroom’s flooring seems natural with the material.

You can still feel the wind blowing at your face with the vacant space between the walling and the ceiling. Have a nice try, friends!