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Living Room with Fireplace Ideas That Acts As The Warmth Part

Living Room with Fireplace Ideas That Acts As The Warmth Part

LIVING ROOM WITH FIREPLACE IDEAS – Fireplace in a living room doesn’t have to lead us into a traditional or country area. There are many fireplace ideas that can make this room part suits for your planned living room models, modern or old look.

A fireplace in a living room brings together all family members for joint quality time. Some even prefer fireplace to entertainment sets to retain the family moment every day. During winter, a fireplace helps to warm bodies so as none will fall sick.

Modern Fireplace Idea

Modern Fireplace Idea

A fair size of a living room can install this modern look of fireplace. This fireplace model doesn’t reduce its ability to warm the area and people in it during winter. Consult with professional house builders on how to install this fireplace.

This is due to the fireplace’s connection with the walls of the spot. The consultation results in the efficient fireplace site in the room. As the image shows, the fireplace doesn’t take much space. It falls so neat with the overall walls.

The wooden furniture and room decor make the area feeling much warmer.

Living Room with Ceramic Tile Fireplace

Living Room with Ceramic Tile Fireplace

A ceramic tile fireplace conveys another role besides a warmth source. This fireplace model adds beauty for a living room when you especially select the ceramic tile that corresponds with the area’s overall look like this photo suggests.

The white wall paneling surrounding the lovely fireplace further shows the living room that applies conceptual designing. This fireplace model usually completes a living room that chooses country, farmhouse or traditional interior designing.

Living Room with Stone Fireplace

Living Room with Stony Fireplace

A living room with a stone fireplace clearly shows that the area conveys country or farmhouse model. This comes from stones that surround the fireplace, one of the natural elements.

This fireplace style allows you using woods to fire light. Natural and environment-friendly, the fireplace brings in warmth and comfort as in the old days in countryside areas. Stones that cover the fireplace from ceiling to floor adds more traditional elements.

Furthermore, the area feels airy with limited room furniture in it.

Living Room with Fireplace Fixated on the Wall

Living Room with Fireplace Fixated on the Wall

Clearly, the fourth fireplace idea as seen here becomes an integral part of a living room before home builders create the spot. The fireplace is fixated on the room’s walls along with wooden cabinets with glass covers.

To make the fireplace looks decorative, add wooden coverage on top of it. All in all, the whole part seems elegant and shiny given the sleek materials. The fireplace area pairs well with the spot’s overall gleaming tone.

We can’t imagine how fresh and energized spending spare time in this area.

White Brick-Painted Fireplace Idea

White Brick-Painted Fireplace Idea

A clean-cut living room model will be looking much softer with white brick-painted fireplace as seen here. Consult with professional home builders for this idea because the fireplace must become part of the planned area.

Actually, you don’t use exposed bricks for the overall walls of the room. Take a small portion of the room. Ask for the builders to make simple curves so that the walls seem like paneling ones.

Within that lies the tiny fireplace with woods beneath it. Careful installation won’t make smoke coming out from the fireplace polluting the room.

Black Fireplace in Living Room

Black Fireplace in Living Room.

A black fireplace can go well with a red-based living room as the image shows. The area looks more elegant and classier. Fire lightens the area during winter and provides natural light when a blackout occurs.

You can either choose black metal to cover the fireplace as precisely shown by the photo. Else, you can select bricks then paint them with black. Select which fireplace material and style that can meet your preference.

Also, consider making simple wall paneling for the fireplace site. This aims at reinforcing the importance of the fireplace.

Minimalist Living Room with Fireplace

Minimalist Living Room with Fireplace

Our one of the living rooms with fireplace ideas provides a good solution for those of you who have minimalist area but wishes for a fireplace. Consider putting this fireplace strategy into the room plan. Out of the white walls, get simple paneling for the fireplace.

The fireplace is made of black metal for a solid guarantee. Neat and clean, the fireplace supports the overall room that seems relieved with windowpane and glass door. The fireplace brings in natural warmth when night comes or winter period.

Fireplace with Tunnel in Living Room

Fireplace with Tunnel in Living Room

This fireplace model looks unusual compared to previous ideas. The fireplace is made from grey metal with a tunnel as a way through which smoke is released. This makes the smoke won’t be polluting the living room.

Simple and modern, the fireplace style is versatile. You can select this fireplace model in the modern living room, traditional or mixed living room spot as seen here. The fireplace also allows for simple maintenance and clean-up.

Fireplace Idea with Glass Cover

Fireplace Idea with Glass Cover

Select a glass-covered fireplace to keep the fire in check. This whole idea doesn’t only make produced smoke not polluting a living room but also keeping the fire in check. This design especially suits for those of you who have small children.

Sometimes go unnoticed, small kids can play with the fire that may cause their hands to get burned. The placement of the fireplace in the room’s corner means you utilize the fireplace as the spot’s decoration.

Red Brick Fireplace Idea

Red Brick Fireplace Idea

We wrap up our living room with fireplace ideas with this conventional and timeless fireplace tip. Surround the fireplace with red bricks. This is a very typical fireplace material in farmhouse modeling or countryside houses.

The natural tone quickly fills up the area thanks to the red bricks which are made from soil. You will find it easier to clean the fireplace as long as you stick with the schedules. Also, pay attention to small kids when they are around as the fireplace lightens.

Reprimand them on the danger of touching the fireplace.

So, we close our living room with fireplace ideas with one more piece of advice that reminds you of budget allocation and overall living room designing. Pick up which fireplace model that doesn’t cost you too much. Otherwise, the electronic heater is a nice replacement.



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