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Bright Living Room Ideas to Make You Merry All Day Long

Bright Living Room Ideas to Make You Merry All Day Long

BRIGHT LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Who doesn’t want to have a bright living room that can lighten your heart, particularly when days are long and tiring? It isn’t difficult to realize bright living room ambiance.

Various ideas are available for a bright tone in your living space. You can choose from painting walls of living room with bright colors to leather-made furniture. Select which one that meets your preference and budget. Find out more from our following ideas.

Sun-burnt, Bright Living Room Ideas

Sun-burnt, Bright Living Room Ideas

We begin our bright living room ideas with sun-burnt sub theme for authentic lively feeling for your living room. You can copy this waterfront area for the space although it doesn’t lie on the verge of the beach. Mix orange and yellow for a basic idea.

You can place orange-and-white curtains that cover the windowpane and its top part. Complete the sitting point with the citrus pillow and patterned orange throw pillows as seen here. Orange-and-white carpet further boasts the vibrant ambiance of the spot.

The yellow sectional sofa reinforces the brightness. And of course, the windowpane lets in the natural light source.

Teal Idea for Bright Living Space

Teal Idea for Bright Living Space

Teal provides a bright and fresh atmosphere. This makes sense thanks to the green and blue combination that gets a good reputation as “positive colors”. Apply teal for the walls of your living room. Have blue coffee tables and patterned, blue cushion as seen here.

With that already viable tone, bring along light green through the other throw pillows and the armchair with mid century design. The overall bright, minimalist area gets extra cheerful mode from the yellow flowers, the pink fabrics, and the white lamp.

The living room looks stylish and enthusiastic at the end.

Polished Furniture as Brightness Source in Living Room

Polished Furniture as Brightness Source in Living Room

Our third idea invites you selecting polished, wooden furniture as a natural source for brightness in a living room. As this image suggests, you can choose sleek, wooden-made flooring, furnace cover, and the tables.

They seem elegant, traditional and antique. The furnishing type can also last for a long duration. In addition, place gold or beige, thick curtains as additional bright element suppliers. Place lamps or candles and a mirror, as well.

Paint walls of the living room with colors that match with the furniture, like beige or brown.

Shades of Purple for Bright Area

Shades of Purple for Bright Area.
Source: Pinterest

Purple has some shades that can result in bright-toned space. Combine light and bold purple then add to the mixture some neutral colors, like white and grey. Place your living room nearby a large window for natural brightness from the sun.

Bright and delicate are two attributes that quickly steal one’s attention. The bold purple armchair gets support from one of the throw pillows. Light purple dominates the living space as viewed from the wall and the sofa set.

The white element partially fills up the window with the wooden table. The curtains seem lovely with the dotted pattern using neutral colors.

Yellowish, Bright Living-Reading Site

Yellowish, Bright Living-Reading Site

We believe yellow is one of the colors that quickly pop up in our minds when thinking of a bright living room. Thus, apply yellow for painting walls of your living space. As this image shows, yellow can help to pump your reading spirit.

Fulfill the walls with ceiling-to-floor bookcase like this. The polished, wooden bookcase, the wooden flooring are natural brightness bringers, by the way. Install large windows for fresh brightness as the sun still shines.

Undoubtedly, the living-reading section becomes supportive of chit-chatting and pleasure reading moments.

Mixed, Pastel Colors for Brightness Alternative

Mixed, Pastel Colors for Brightness Alternative

The sixth of our 10 bright living room ideas challenge your color pairing. We recommend you selecting some pastel, soft colors for dashing and bright living space. As seen here, you can paint the walls of your living room with white and light purple.

Add to that delicate mixing, the blue cabinet, the grey and the yellow chairs with mid century style. Cover one the grey chair with the pink carpet. Have a blue stand and brownish provider from the wooden-made chairs and the coffee table.

The area feels fairly bright thanks to the proper use of each of the color’s shade.

Bold Red, Bright Minimalist Living Room

Bold Red, Bright Minimalist Living Room.

This list wouldn’t be completed without this color. Won’t you get instant mood boaster every time you enter this strikingly reddish area? Apply a total red tone for the living space as this minimalist area suggests.

Paint walls of the living room with bold red. The same color also applies to the leather-made sofa as seen here. Color the room’s ceiling with softer red. For extra red element, hang framed red, an abstract picture on the room’s back portion.

Even the red tone from the ceiling reflects on the floor.

Pure, Bright Living Room

Pure, Bright Living Room.

White is the top choice for bright-colored planned living room. White brings in purity, clarity, and freshness. This coastal living space certainly offers a clear example of where and how to start.

Apply white for painting the wooden ceiling, the wooden windows, and the wall. They serve as the most basic elements of the living space. Have a white, comfortable sofa or chair set for a more intense white tone.

You can slightly balance the purity with the earth-inspired tone from the wooden flooring, the table, and the dining set.

Grey, Bright Living Room Style

Grey, Bright Living Room Style

This ninth idea probably best suits male house owners who wish to have a bright living space who dislike pastel colors as previously mentioned. Other than white, grey can be a nice option.

You can still apply minimalist overall interior design as seen here. Grey element obviously greets one’s eyes through the flooring, the pendant lamps, the throw pillows and the ottoman.

Floral, Bright Living Room Style

Floral, Bright Living Room Style

Last but not least, choose floral wallpaper with bright colors, like red, pink or purple. Not only bright, but the floral wallpaper will also provide a romantic feeling for your living room.

You can intentionally select a certain floral wallpaper design that matches the sofa set as seen here. Or you can choose floral wallpaper that contains different style as that of the couch. In addition to the wallpaper, choose a sofa with bright-colored fabrics, like purple, as seen here.

We hope our list will trigger more nice ideas for your next bright living room.



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