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50 Shoe Storage Ideas for Outdoor and Indoor

50 Shoe Storage Ideas for Outdoor and Indoor

Keeping your shoe collections in one place is pretty crucial. You’ll need lots of shoe storage ideas like these ones, especially if you have huge numbers of heels and other shoes. They keep your shoes organized so you can find any pair easily when you need to put on something.

Entryway Shoe Storage

1. Metal Floating Rack

Metal Floating Rack

Entryway is a perfect place for your shoe collections. Anytime you need to go you just have to grab a pair. If your entryway is too small for shoe cabinets, floating shoe storage will work.

Five rows of floating shoe racks mounted on the walls can carry lots of shoes. Put adults’ shoes on the higher rows and kids’ shoes on lower shoes so everyone can get their shoes easily.

2. Wooden Storage Bench

Wooden Storage Bench

Also, it is easier to put on your favorite pair while sitting on a bench. If there is enough space in your entryway, a long bench with storage right under it will be a nice element in your entryway.

Put some cushions on the bench with colorful pillowcases so that they’ll be a great decoration to keep your guests feel like home when they pass the entryway.

3. Vertical Shoe Hooks

Vertical Shoe Hooks

If an entryway has narrow space, hooks will be really helpful. Mounting some hooks on the walls close to the floor is a brilliant idea. You can hang the back part of your shoes on those hooks.

Since the shoes are going to be stored vertically, they won’t take lots of space on your entryway’s floor. Just make sure your shoes are all clean before you store them on the hooks.

4. Corner Floating Shelves

Corner Floating Shelves

Leverage even the smallest space in your entryway. Consider this corner storage idea for the smallest entryway. You can build as many rows as possible.

Use the top row to display a decoration or as a space to keep your keys. If there are some small corners like this in your entryway, don’t hesitate turning them to your shoe corners.

5. Creative Storage Boxes

Creative Storage Boxes

If you want something cute to decorate the entryway, try this shoe storage made of wooden boxes. Instead of placing them all on the floor, arrange the boxes in vertical and horizontal positions.

Paint them with colors that match the interior design of your entryway. You can use those boxes to store your shoes and other stuff. They can even hold some ornaments.

6. Portable Storage Racks

Portable Storage Racks

Creative wooden shoe storage is another brilliant idea especially for small entryways. Check out this unique wooden vertical storage with boards to place the shoes. It allows you to store lots of pairs.

When you’re not using them to store your shoes, you just have to slide the boards out of the base. Hide the boards and you’ll get a vertical board to decorate the wall without anybody knowing it is a storage.

7. Under the Stair Storage

Under the Stair Storage

If there’s a staircase in your entryway, leverage the space under the stairs as shoe storage. Build some drawers that allow you to pull out the storage whenever you want to take or store your shoes.

This idea is going to keep your entryway clean with no visible shoes. The hidden storage also helps make your entryway feel wider. Complete the storage with a hidden handle to hide it completely.

8. Unique Shoe Basket

Unique Shoe Basket

Bookcase can also be a great way to store your shoes. Use your bookcase to store some woven baskets. Those baskets can be used to hide your shoes.

This way is going to keep all shoes organized. Besides, the woven baskets are beautiful ornaments for your entryway. This idea can also help you store many other things.

9. Portable Heels Storage

Portable Heels Storage

For women who have lots of heels, this shoe storage can help. This shoe storage is an excellent choice for small entryways. Besides, you can use it to hang many heels at once.

Paint this shoe storage with a color that matches your entryway walls. This shoe storage will be invisible until you hang your heels on them.

10. Wooden Shoe Cabinets

Wooden Shoe Cabinets

Cabinets however, are always the best way to hide all shoe collections you own. No matter how many shoes you have, wooden cabinets can always keep them organized and hidden.

Many cabinets come in numerous models, different sizes, and various colors. Pick one or more that looks perfect in your entryway.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Bedroom

1. Elegant Shoe Closet

Elegant Shoe Closet

If you prefer your shoes to be stored in the bedroom, build a beautiful display rack like this one. Use wooden boards to build the shoe storage.

Complete each row of the rack with lighting to add dramatic effect. Glass doors are going to cover your collections and keep them clean.

2. Ottoman Shoe Storage

Ottoman Shoe Storage

Or, you can also display your shoes in an ottoman like this one. This ottoman allows you to sit on it and store some of your collections under the bench.

Pick an ottoman that the color matches the rest of your bedroom so that it will be a beautiful part of your master bedroom.

3. Under the Bed Storage

Under the Bed Storage

Your bed itself is actually perfect furniture to hide your shoe collections. Consider getting a bed with built in underbed storage that you can use to hide your shoes.

If you have a bed with enough space under it, you can build your own underbed storage using woods. You can use this storage to keep not only shoes but many other collections you have.

4. Hidden Shoe Storage

Hidden Shoe Storage

Is it possible for you to build a small closet where you keep your clothes and shoes like this one? This small closet is right beside the bed and it is enough to keep some personal stuff.

The white folding door completes this storage and makes it perfect for a small bedroom. If your bedroom is bigger, you can build a larger closet to keep more shoe collections.

5. Bedroom Heels Racks

Bedroom Heels Racks

But if it is impossible to build a closet with doors, creating shoe racks on the wall in your bedroom can be an alternative. You can use the racks to keep all your heels.

If you don’t want the shoes to be visible, place them in boxes then put those boxes on the shoe rack. They’ll help make your bedroom look even cleaner.

6. Bedroom Stair Storage

Bedroom Stair Storage

Can you see where the shoes are stored in this room? They are all in the drawers on the stair. If your teens’ bedroom has a similar design with stairs, leverage the stair as storage.

Your kids can use their stair storage to hide their shoes. Or, they can leverage the storage to save their books or clothes.

7. Simple White Storage

Simple White Storage

Your bedroom’s corners are the most ideal place for a simple yet unique shoe storage. This white shoe rack has a simple design but looks awesome when it meets the wooden door.

The top row of this rack can even be a place for you to place an ornament to beautify your bedroom. Or simply place your family picture on it.

8. Plastic Shoe Storage

Plastic Shoe Storage

Pocket shoe organizers are another brilliant inspiration especially for owners of small bedrooms. This storage is made of plastic, a long-lasting material.

Unfortunately, this plastic shoe organizer requires routine treatment. You always have to make sure that your plastic shoe organizer is clean since any dirt will be visible and destroy your bedroom’s beauty.

9. Flat Shoes Hangers

Flat Shoes Hangers

Yes, you can also hang your shoes using a hanger and then store them in the closet or cupboard. This way works perfectly for your flat shoes but you sure can try this storing idea for other shoe types.

10. Hidden Shoe Box

Hidden Shoe Box

There is nothing more excellent than this box storage for the bedroom. It looks like a classic ottoman but it has storage that you can use to keep your shoe collections.

This box storage idea comes in various color options you can choose depending on the theme you have applied in your bedroom.

Shoe Storage Ideas for the Garage

1. Rustic Storage Boxes

Rustic Storage Boxes

If your family often leaves and enters the house through the garage, rustic styled wooden boxes can be an excellent shoe storage for your garage.

Place them next to the wall and arrange the boxes until they cover your garage wall. Use the boxes to place the shoes before you enter the house. Leave a little space to place your decoration.

2. Floating Shoe Shelves

Floating Shoe Shelves

If boxes cannot fit the space left in the garage, build a wall mounted floating shoe rack. This rack won’t waste the space in your small garage.

If possible, mount the floating rack close to your entry door. So, you can grab the shoes you need without stepping to the garage first.

3. V Shaped Racks

V Shaped Racks

Even though your garage has very limited space, you can still leverage the wall to build floating storage. If you can’t mount the shoe rack horizontally, consider mounting it diagonally.

It helps save your space while providing enough rows to place your shoes. The V shaped floating racks can even hold your shoes so they won’t fall.

4. Door Hooked Storage

Door Hooked Storage

But, if your garage wall is too full for shoes, consider the door mounted shoe organizer like this one. It can be mounted in any door by simply hanging it on the door leaf.

This shoe organizer can carry 18 pairs of shoes at once. You can get one for another door and get another organizer to leverage.

5. Rotating Shoe Storage

Rotating Shoe Storage


Rotating storage is everyone’s favorite since this kind of storage doesn’t take too much garage space while providing many rooms for your shoes.

Everyone’s shoes at home can be stored in this rotating storage. This storage can be placed in any room, not only in your garage.

6. Hidden Shoe Closet

Hidden Shoe Closet

Cabinets always work to store anything in any room. They can also hold your shoes in the garage. Get cabinets with sliding doors that won’t consume any space when you open them.

Sliding doors are a better option for a garage since swing doors may hit the car parked in the garage when you open the cabinets to get or store shoes.

7. Transparent Shoe Boxes

Transparent Shoe Boxes

Though a garage is a good place to store your shoes, it can get dirty which means your shoes can get dirty as well. Then you’ll need plastic boxes like this one to keep your shoes clean.

Pack each pair in a plastic box before you store them on your garage racks. They keep your shoes clean yet visible so you don’t have to open every box just to find your favorite pair.

8. Triangle Shoe Storage

Triangle Shoe Storage

If you have lots of card boxes, you actually have the best material to build a do it yourself shoe rack. Turn your card box into triangle shape and then arrange them like the idea in this pic.

Use each triangle rack to store half a pair of your shoes. You will get a simple yet unique shoe organizer you can place anywhere but primely in your garage.

9. A Shaped Shoe Storage

A Shaped Shoe Storage

Storing your shoes in the garage doesn’t mean you can’t make them look stunning. Consider using the incredible A shaped shoe rack made of woods here.

It has lots of rows to carry your shoe collections. If you need more shoe storage like this, build some other racks and use them to cover the wall of your garage.

10. Ladder Shoe Racks

Ladder Shoe Racks

For the heels, ladder shaped shoe racks are always the best solution. You just have to place the ladder shaped shoe racks next to the wall of your garage. Then hook the heels on the step.

Shoe Storage Ideas in the Basement

1. Big Shoe Boxes


If you have huge numbers of shoe collections, you need a huge place to save them too. Basement is the most ideal home for them. Prepare lots of baskets and fill them with your shoe collections.

Then hang your baskets filled with shoes on the wall of your basement. Use different colored baskets for men’s and women’s shoes.

2. Under Stairs Shoe Cabinets

Under Stairs Shoe Cabinets

You need to complete your basement with stairs so that you can access this extra room easily. Don’t let the space under the stairs do nothing for your basement.

Build shoe racks under your basement stairs. It is optional to cover the shoe racks with doors or not. Doors will keep your shoes clean and protected.

3. Organized Shoe Closet

Organized Shoe Closet

If you prefer covering the walls of your basement with storage, try this idea. Cover your basement’s walls with three-row storage. Use the top row to store whatever you want.

Use the second row to hang clothes and bags. And leverage the bottom row to store the entire shoe collection your family owns.

4. Fabric Shoe Baskets

Fabric Shoe Baskets

If it is possible to create a closet in your basement, build one. Build some racks inside the closet where you can place baskets filled with many things on them.

Add sliding doors so that the shoes and the other things you store inside the closet will be hidden and the rest of the basement looks cleaner.

5. Glass Shoe Boxes

Glass Shoe Boxes

Using glass boxes to store the entire shoe collections will not only ease you to find the pair you desire without opening the box but also help you create a luxurious look on the racks.

Clear glass boxes also come in various sizes that you can use to store clothes, purses, scarves, and the other collections.

6. Minimalist Shoe Racks

Minimalist Shoe Racks

Some basements face a problem when the furniture is not wide enough to hold two pairs of shoes. If your basement faces the same problem, try organizing your shoes this way.

You can save space by organizing all shoes this way. Besides, this creates a unique look to the basement. Just be creative in leveraging the available storage space.

7. Shoe Glass Cabinets

Shoe Glass Cabinets

Who told you shoes cannot be displayed in the basement? Simply cover your basement walls with cabinets and display your heels collections in them.

And make sure the cabinets have glass doors so that all the shoes can be visible. Always organize your shoes so that they’ll always look amazing.

8. Kids’ Shoe Storage

Kids Shoe Storage

If you have some kids living in the house and you want personal storage for each kid, try separating the storage so each kid will have his own shoe storage.

This helps your kids to organize their own stuff and minimize the possibility of being confused. It is also a good way to see which kid loves to organize their stuff and which one is a little bit lazier.

9. Categorized Shoe Storage

Categorized Shoe Storage

You may want to hang something on the wall of your basement but you also need to organize the shoes. Then you can organize the shoes this way.

It leaves lots of space on the wall that you can use to hang anything you want them on the walls. This is also an excellent way to organize the shoes depending on the owners or types.

10. Shoe Cabinet with Drawers

Shoe Cabinet with Drawers

But, if your basement has limited space, you’re going to love this drawer cabinet. When the cabinet is opened, there are drawers you can pull out to store your shoe collections.

This drawer allows you to store many more shoes compared to regular cabinets because a regular cabinet stores your shoes horizontally while this drawer cabinet holds your shoes vertically.

Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas

1. Outdoor Boots Storage

Outdoor Boots Storage

Some of us need to store boots outside so that we can grab them easily when we need to do something in the garden. If you also need this kind of shoe storage, consider this unique organizer.

The floating organizer allows you to hang your boots upside down so whatever inside them can come out and keep the boots dry and clean.

2. Rustic Wooden Storage

Rustic Wooden Storage

And if you want everyone to store their shoes before entering the house, this wooden shoe rack is the best option. It has wood bars in each row of the rack.

The wood bars are designed to hold your shoes upside down too. But the lowest row of the rack has a flat surface to carry your shoes properly.

3. Outdoor Shoe Shelter

Outdoor Shoe Shelter

If your shoes are supposed to be stored outside, make sure you provide storage with covers. The covers must be able to protect your shoes from sunlight and rain.

Pick material with excellent quality so that your outdoor shoe storage will last forever and keep protecting your shoes for a long time.

4. Wooden Shoe Storage

Wooden Shoe Storage

One of high-quality materials you can choose to build your own outdoor shoe storage is wood. But not any wood is perfect to be used outside.

Try to find teak wood shoe storage that is made of grade A teak wood. It is the most durable wood to build outdoor storage.

5. Shoe Storage with Lid

Shoe Storage with Lid

Cabinets are always the best solution since they come with doors that protect everything inside them safe and organized.

Cabinets like this one can even be functioned as a table. You just have to carry them out to the garden when you need to use them as a table.

6. Double Layer Storage

Double Layer Storage

Here is another unique design of outdoor shoe storage. It has two layers that the top one has a lid so you can hide more precious shoes inside.

The lower layer is an opened storage that you can use to place some boots and other shoes that are less precious than the others.

7. Outdoor Shoe Boxes

Outdoor Shoe Boxes

Wooden crates are the other brilliant idea to keep your shoes organized and invisible. But you can’t just put your wooden crates outside without any protection.

Place them under a wooden bench. You can decorate the top of the bench and use it to chit chat with your friends while hiding your shoes under the seat.

8. Pipes Shoe Racks

Pipes Shoe Racks

If you cannot find great quality woods to build outdoor shoe storage, pipes can be wonderful material. This kind of shoe storage looks industrial and unique.

9. Outdoor Boots Hangers

Outdoor Boots Hangers

Boots can be stored by placing them upside down on the racks. But you can also store them by hanging them outside.

This is going to keep the entire surfaces of your boots dry so you will feel comfortable to wear them again later.

10. Iron Shoe Rack

Iron Shoe Rack

Iron is another awesome material that is used to build outdoor shoe storage. The black one can even help you decorate your exterior.

Unfortunately, iron shoe storage like this one has a bench shape with no cover. You better place this kind of shoe storage as close as possible to your wall so that it will be protected from the weather.

Those fifty shoe storage ideas will help you store all your shoes in any room you desire. Some ideas we shared above can even be applied in different rooms at once.

Pick the best storage ideas for your shoe collections that will not only organize all your shoes and keep them protected but also will help beautify the interior and exterior.


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