45 Blue Bathroom Ideas 2020 (Various Refreshing Designs)

Blue must be your most favorite color, isn’t it? That’s one reason you’re here because you’re interested to know and try our blue bathroom ideas. Blue in the bathroom is not only relaxing. It is also a good way to increase your home’s value. Well, blue comes in many shades. Which one is your favorite you’ll spread in your bathroom? Let us inspire you with some ideas below.

Blue Bathroom Ideas

1. Recognizing the right blue for your bathroom

source: dreamascream.com

Want a masculine bathroom? Pick dark blue that gives your bathroom cozy and strong feels as well as masculine accent. For a small bathroom, pale blue is going to expand the space and complement the room with an airy and calming effect.

2. Midcentury styled bathroom with white and blue

source: dreamascream.com

Spread the blue on the floor by applying blue colored geometric floor tile. Combine it with brown wooden vanity. Enough with the blue. Spread the white on the other bathroom furniture and on the walls. Hang a mirror with rounded corners above the vanity.

3. Blue flowery walls in French master bathroom

source: hgtvhome.com

When blue meets flowers in your bathroom, you’ll get a luxurious bathroom. Floral wallpaper in delicate blue color combined with roman shades from fabrics make the room feels elegant. The window frames that are distressed and blue spa tub perfect this feminine bathroom.

4. Gray blue colored walls in farmhouse themed bathroom

source: ahauc.info

Since the theme of this bathroom is a farmhouse, you need to combine gray-blue colored walls with other colors. For example, try dark wooden cabinets and shelving, white bathroom furniture, and some neutral green colors.

5. Unique blue bathroom for small rooms

source: banana-film.com

Pale blue bathroom furniture in your small bathroom needs pale blue brick on the wall. Instead of combining the pale blue with white, try gold and use it as the accents. Use gold to frame the mirror and the glass shower door.

6. Baby blue to create a cute bathroom

source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

The other blue bathroom ideas related to feminine feels, perfect for a woman’s bathroom. Use light blue bathroom furniture like the light blue tub and light blue cabinet with white countertop. Hexagonal marble flooring will add texture and the spherical chandelier will complete the room.

7. Nautical styled bathroom with blue and white for kids

source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

Pair navy blue with white and apply both colors in the room. Use the navy blue as the accent when you’re designing the floor, wall, and cabinetry. Create a starry ceiling by painting the ceiling by yourself. Your kids will absolutely love their nautical bathroom.

8. Big master bathroom with quirky blue interior

source: freshome.com

White tile is not enough to make your bathroom looks beautiful. Add some aqua especially to the cabinetry of the vanity. Don’t forget the texture mirrors that will remove the boring look from your bathroom.

9. Double blue in retro themed master bathroom

source: daneville.me

Make your retro bathroom looks delightful but still minimalist. Paint the ceiling with bright blue and the walls with light or pale blue. Black and white tub on black and white small pattern tiles on the floor make the room looks chic and stylish.

10. Colorful yet neutral master bathroom

source: draftforarts.info

This time, you need to combine dark blue on cabinetry with white countertop and white bathroom furniture. Now spread beige on the walls and light grey on the floor. The entire colors are neutrals so your bathroom won’t look weird.

11. Beach styled bathroom

source: decoist.com

Create this bathroom by paining the upper part of bathroom walls with light and airy blue. Clawfoot tub in black outside and white inside between whites is the perfect centerpiece.

12. Most elegant vintage blue master bathroom

source: decoist.com

If you don’t like blue to be just an accent color, spread the blue to the entire walls. But make sure you pick white for most bathroom furniture and linen like window and shower curtains.

13. Fresh blue bathrooms for children

source: arcticshipping.info

When it comes to redecorating your kids’ bathroom, combine blue and white with other colors. Some touches of yellow and red on the linens are enough to make a fantastic bathroom.

14. Coloring blue bathroom to make it looks more natural

source: burgos25.com

No need to repaint your bathroom. To color your bathroom all you need to do is just adding a red or yellow or colorful flower. Place them on white countertop. Their color is going to complement the combination of blue and white in your bathroom.

15. Choose the right shade of blue

source: burgos25.com

No matter how much you love dark blue, it will destroy your bathroom’s beauty if your bathroom is small. Pick lighter shade of blue that will bring more lights to the room and make a tiny bathroom feels more spacious.

So, have you decided which one of our blue bathroom ideas above you’ll try in your own bathroom? Hope you’ll make your bathroom feels more refreshing with our ideas above.