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15 Bathroom Vanity Ideas 2020 (You Should Never Miss)

Vanity is a must have furniture piece to install in your bathroom. Despite of the fact that it may take space in the bathroom, it serves great function to store toiletries or other personal stuff. Not to mention the function to beautify as well as complement your private room. For this case, plenty choices of bathroom vanity ideas are available to meet your need.

There is wide array of vanity ideas that you can adopt. Either you have modern, contemporary, classic, traditional, or luxury bathroom style, there are various vanity choices to opt for. It is important to install suitable bathroom vanity, in order to evoke harmony as well as cozy nuance inside the room. The followings are savvy ideas to steal.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

1. White vanity with drawers

Your modern bathroom deserves modern furniture piece to complement. This white vanity with drawers come to bring function as well as beauty inside your modern bathroom. White finish makes your room feels classy and modern, as well as ample. Combine with wall sconces or LED stripes over the vanity.

2. Rustic Bathroom Vanity No Finish

Rustic concept serves artistic style for any room, including your bathroom. This rustic vanity comes with marble top, therefore you cannot underestimate the durability. Even though the combination looks contrast, you can install this kind of vanity for rustic or traditional bathroom.

3. Black Wooden Vanity with Marble Top

Black furniture piece is always stunning. Even if you locate it in the bathroom, the piece will be able to add more value to the room. This black wooden vanity looks contrast with bright wall shade, making it a focal point inside the bathroom. Complement with black-framed large mirror.

4. Small Floating Bathroom Vanity

Those having small space issue in the bathroom should not worry about vanity choice. This small floating vanity is solution to your narrow bathroom. It will not take much space on your floor. Designed with single drawer, it is enough to store your towel or other personal items.

5. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

This is another choice for your small bathroom space. Farmhouse vanity is suitable for single user, which is also a perfect choice for studio apartment or urban house. Combine with single vanity sink in contrast color and match bathroom mirror.

6. Single Corner Bathroom Vanity

Having space issue means you need to be able to optimize every inch in the bathroom. This single corner bathroom vanity is all you need to maximize the space at its most. Transform your useless bathroom corner into functional nook with white corner vanity with single sink.

7. Wooden Floating Vanity for Modern Bathroom

Even if you have ample space in the bathroom, floating vanity remains an ultimate choice to keep in mind. This floating vanity is made of wood and is able to evoke modern feeling. Combine with frameless mirror in large size.

8. Beach Vanity for Natural Bathroom Concept

Do you adopt beachy concept for the bathroom? The following bathroom vanity ideas will elevate your style. Coming with beach style and white vessel sink, this single vanity is going to be a focal point in the bathroom.

9. Simple Bathroom Vanity with Metal Frame

This is an unconventional bathroom vanity that should be on your bucket list. The furniture piece comes with metal frame and double vanity sink. This is what you need for busy morning.

10. Beautiful Floating Vanity with Single Sink

Here comes luxurious vanity for luxury bathroom idea. This is a beautiful furniture piece that is suitable for your private room, coming with floating design that saves floor space. It comes in package with bathroom mirror for match appearance.

11. Unique Floating Vanity with Marble Sink

Marble sink with unique pattern is all you need to bring value to the bathroom. This floating vanity looks good for your modern or minimalist bathroom style. Do not forget the frameless mirror to complement.

12. Zen Bathroom Vanity for Natural Bathroom

Do you want to get closer to the nature? This Zen bathroom vanity will work well for you. Made from wood, the floating vanity evokes natural feeling without too much effort. Round bathroom mirror with string light will do good.

13. Double Bathroom Vanity in Small Size

Preparing yourself in the morning without taking turn with spouse sounds nice. Both of you can prepare together and use your own place. This is what you will get with double bathroom vanity in small size. Use the drawer to keep your personal stuff.

14. Corner Bathroom Vanity with Marble Top

This looks more like your kitchen, but this is a bathroom. Adopting the concept of corner vanity, it allows you to optimize the space. Combine with wall sconce or vanity lighting.

15. Black Finished Vanity with Shelves

Going black never makes you wrong. Vanity that comes with black finish looks contrast with your bathroom, but this is what you need to create focal point. The black shelves serve as complement piece in the room.

Bathroom vanity deserves your attention. There is no reason to choose random bathroom vanity ideas. Be inspired and steal one for your bathroom.

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