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15 Bathroom Storage Ideas 2020 (You Should Try Today)

Organizing your bathroom may not be fun. However, the payoff is great. Things are organized, there is no clutter, and the bathroom looks nice. Better yet, without any clutter, it will be easier to find things you need. To help you organize your bathroom storage and make the most of it, we gathered some bathroom storage ideas

Whether a bathroom is small or large, organizing it is a must. Also, you should optimize every corner of your bathroom regardless of its size. If you need some ideas, you can try some of these bathroom storage ideas to ensure that there is no wasted space in your bathroom.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. In-between Wall Studs


It is always nice to have extra storage. On average, there is a 16 inches space between wall studs. If yours is not yet used, why not build a small cabinet in it? That way you will have extra storage in the bathroom.

2. Hanging Baskets


Are your walls mostly unused? If they are, try hanging some baskets onto it. Hanging baskets can serve not only as extra storage units, but they can also serve as decorations as well. Best of all, they are easy to create. You only need two towel bars, some ribbon and thread, and baskets. Voila! You have some new extra storage.

3. Or Hanging Buckets


Alternatively, you can use buckets instead of baskets. Similar to baskets, buckets are easy to put on your wall. You can also decorate them, too. However, unlike baskets, buckets have no hole in it, so they will be able to store small items.

4. Covered Storage under the Sink


Storage bins can be unsightly. But, properly placed, they can be a great addition, especially if you have a small bathroom. If you have a few storage bins, just put them under the pedestal sink. Then, cover the sink with a skirt, preferably one that matches the look of the room.

5. Picture Ledge


It is common to find an unused space between the bathroom’s mirror and the sink. If you have nothing in-between, why not add a picture ledge? A picture ledge can be used as storage for your hair products, cologne, perfume, lotion, hand soap, and so on.

6. Wall Cabinet


If there is an empty space on the wall, you can add a wall cabinet on them. The best thing about a wall cabinet is that it is relatively cheap, especially if you make it on your own.

7. Storage Tower


A storage tower is a good option if you want both functionality and aesthetic. You can use a storage tower to store your towels and create a focal point with it.

8. Compact Shelf for Electronic Devices


Do you have messy plugs and cords? It is common to have those. To make things more organized, you can install a compact shelf above the outlet. This way, your electronic devices can be easily reached and stored.

9. Towels and Baskets


Not everyone has a linen closet to store their bath and hand towels. If you want to store your bath and hand towels but you don’t have a linen closet, you can store them in a basket instead.

10. Labeling


You can’t be organized without labeling your storage. Be sure to label them so that it will be easy if you want to find a certain item. It may not seem important for now but this will be very helpful in an emergency situation.

11. Second Shower Rod


Want to make items you use during a shower more reachable? Why not add a second shower rod and hang the items on it? Not only it will make the items reachable, but it will also save some space for other items as well.

12. Storage Step Stool


This one is for parents with small children. Small children will need a step stool to reach the sink. If you need extra storage, a storage step stool is a good option.

13. Towel Bar on the Door

There are many ways to hang your towels. Other than linen closets, baskets, and storage towers, you can install towel bars on the door and store your towels there.

14. Corner Table


The corner of a room is often left empty. To make use of the space, you can add a corner table which you can use to store cosmetics or other bathroom necessities.

15. Extra Caddies


Sometimes a shower caddy is not enough. You may need more. When you shop for a shower caddy, you should buy three instead of just one. One caddy will be for the tub while the other two will be used as storage under the sink.

The above are our bathroom storage ideas. We hope they can help you organize your bathroom and make the most of your bathroom storage.

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