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15 Bathroom Mirror Ideas 2020 (Level up Your Bathroom Value)

BATHROOM MIRROR IDEAS – Can you mention essentials in the bathroom? Among long list of important stuff inside your private bathroom, mirror is one of them. Not only do the mirror serve to reflect your figure, it also plays greater role to live up the bathroom. It is not a surprise that designers create limitless bathroom mirror ideas that offer creativity as well as beauty.

Bathroom mirror is commonly installed over the vanity sink, allowing you to do activities conveniently. Put your make up, do your hair, or other activities will be much easier when you have mirrors. Followings are awesome ideas for bathroom mirror you should not miss. Check this out!

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

1. Bathroom Mirror with Unique Frame

Unconventional mirror shape is all you need to define your style. This bathroom mirror is designed with unique frame, allowing you to enhance the beauty of the room without too much effort. This unique bathroom mirror suits best for modern or contemporary bathroom concept.

2. Double Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Frameless bathroom mirror reflects your freedom. This mirror design works best for your contemporary bathroom style. Combine with walls sconces with the same nuance. No more taking turn to use the vanity sink as you have double now.

3. Double Black-Framed Bathroom Mirror

This rectangular framed bathroom mirror looks contrast with the whole bathroom decoration. Designed with bold black frame, this is what you need to make the mirror as a center point inside the room. Going double also allows you to easily access the vanity.

4. Backlight Mirror with LED Stripes

Create futuristic nuance with backlight mirror. This bathroom mirror design comes with LED stripes at the back, making your mirror looks glowing perfectly. Combine with floating vanity to evoke modern style to your bathroom.

5. Rectangular Bathroom Mirror with Classic Frame

There are limitless choices when it comes to mirror frame. The following bathroom mirror frame looks unconventional. Combine with matching wallpaper and floating vanity for bolder feeling. This bathroom mirror is suitable for your contemporary bathroom style.

6. Round Mirror with Backlight

You can also have round mirror with backlight to define your style inside the bathroom. This unique mirror looks simple, yet it can be a focal point of the room. The backlight blends well with subway tiles on the wall.

7. Edgy Framed Bathroom Mirror

If you want to show off your manly style, this bathroom mirror will be a perfect choice to go. The robust design reflects your manly side, while its unique color complements the grey wall where it is attached. Combine with floating vanity and white sink for better appearance.

8. Bathroom Mirror with Shelves

Do you have narrow bathroom space? Then you need to maximize the space at its best. Equipping bathroom mirror with shelves is one of ways to choose. This allows you to see your reflection as well as keep toiletries in place.

9. Traditional Bordered Bathroom Mirror

Brass-framed mirror will be the best complement for your traditional bathroom. This rectangular mirror brings you back to 70’s era where this kind of mirror was a hit. Combine with classic wall sconce to get the feeling.

10. Vintage White-Framed Bathroom Mirror

Vintage bathroom needs vintage mirror to make it perfect. The following white-framed bathroom mirror will be a complement that blends well with your vintage bathroom. The large white frame with accents in gold color evokes vintage nuance even more.

11. Frameless Mirror for Infinite Feeling

Break the boundaries and get this frameless mirror in your bathroom. In case you have narrow bathroom, frameless mirror creates visually larger effect that you need for ample-looking private bathroom. Combine with bright wall paint and furniture pieces.

12. Decorative Bathroom Mirror with Leaf Frame

Say goodbye to conventional, boring bathroom mirror. This round mirror is a decorative choice to enhance the beauty of your bathroom with leaf frame. This suits best for your single standing vanity.

13. Wooden Framed Bathroom Mirror

Anyone of you adopting country style or traditional bathroom, wooden framed bathroom mirror will be nice complement you should consider. Make it perfect by installing LED stripes or vintage lighting overhead.

14. Creative Bathroom Mirror

Have you ever seen the combination of framed and frameless mirror? If you haven’t, take a look at this mirror choice. This product creates mirror frame from the mirror itself. Isn’t it refreshing choice to elevate your bathroom value?

15. Vanity Mirror with Lights

Round-edge vanity mirror combined with backlight creates floating effect. This is what you need for modern bathroom design, especially if you love the sleek design of this mirror. The dark wall just makes it an indulging view to your eyes.

No more random choices of bathroom mirror. Those bathroom mirror ideas are ready to bring your bathroom to the next level.

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