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15 Bathroom Door Ideas 2020 (You Will Ever Need)

Bathroom door is the important role of interior design and could create the room atmosphere. Door affects the space more large or increase the style more adorable. You could find inspiration from short description of amazing bathroom door ideas design below.

Bathroom Door Ideas

1. Sliding Barn Door


Sliding barn door design generally put on pararel to a wall and it works horizontally by sliding. This bathroom door style makes bathroom appear more cozy and welcoming. Amazing idea to separate the bathroom and your room. Sliding barn door has many variety design that you could fit in with room decoration. Many American society house like this bathroom design because it looks creative and unique.

2. Pocket Bathroom Door


This door design could make the bathroom looks more spacious. Simplicity design usually uses on minimalism bathroom decor. You could find pocket door on the apartments or hotel room. Ideal choice for bathroom because discover welcoming view. It works by sliding to the wall when you openned. The others function to save floor space and expand the room for features or accessories.

3. Simple Panel Bathroom Door


Simplicity style, discover versality, and popular in the society, this door design makes the natural view. Generally used by traditional room ideas and have the square or rectangular patterns. Simple panel has many size from single large panel to several small panel. This door design is the most unique panel of bathroom door ideas.

4. Classy Door French Style for Bathroom


This design inspired by french society house and has the characteristic on the hinges at each side of door. It works when hinges swing toward each other then meeting at the center. French style has many variety of classy bathroom door and used in many settings. This design could adapt into variety styles. Althought classy french style isn’t popular in room, it could make become the center point on this space.

5. Glass Panel Door for Bathroom


Glass panel door appear like a window and feature with some glasses in one panel place. Variety of glass panel doors could have more than one panel that arranged in a pattern. The creation discover until 5 rectangular window. Generally used by modern style home, appear the elegant and ideal atmosphere. Glass panel popular since 20th century and used by Asian countries house.

6. Single Glass Panel for Bathroom


Single glass panel is the most simplicity door design of bathroom door ideas that usually used on moderncity house style. Represent minimalism and discover the view more clear from outside. Full style glash with framed make the bathroom more spacious and save the material. Single glass panel has many variety like wood frame, steel frame, etc.

7. Frosted Sliding Bathroom Door


Frosted glass is the popular accent which used by many people. Generally used enclosure as door or panel bathroom. Frosted sliding appear spacious and more airy room, otherside keeps the texture private appearance. This design has many variety styles and used into variety ways.You could add frosted sliding door on your bathroom to make the look more modern and elegant.

8. Stained Glass Bathroom Door


Stained glass panel could create as part of door design. This look unique and discover traditional accents. Inspired by French door and becoming popular option. It will suited with rustic bathroom ideas style which appear ancient and ethnic view. The stuctures of door make up from several small panels and arranged in custom patterns. Stained glass bathroom door is recommended for whoever loves a bit old touched.

9. Mirror Panel Bathroom Door


You could create the bathroom door with combination both mirror and panel. It will be multifunction door that you could put on as the door and mirror. Discover the simplicity and efficient door that make room more spacious and modern. It called practical option on limited room space. Mirror panel bathroom door usually used on Asian countries house and becoming popular on European countries.

10. Framed Mirror Bathroom Door


In this door design mounting a full height mirror on bathroom. The appearance become quite different and unique. Bathroom door would function as mirror after swinging door to allow access of the room. Framed mirror could add wood or steel accent that will make the style more modern and elegant.

11. Folding Bathroom Door


Folding bathroom door inspired by kingdom palace in China. It looks classic and give traditional accent.

12. Hiden Secret Slide


Hiden secret slide bathroom door is the most elegant and modern of bathroom door ideas. Creative design and style that used only swipe right or left to open the room. This decor could make your bathroom’s view more spacious.

13. Stainless Steel Bathroom Door


Full stainless steel on bathroom appear modern and clean view. This door is long lasting and strenght material. Discover practice choice and make small bathroom become spacious.

14. Wood Bathroom Door


Wood bathroom door as the standard design that usually used by many people in the world. Simplicity door appears natural view.

15. Raw Cut Scrap Wood Sliding Door


This full of wood design looks traditional and unique. Many people called this door like ‘do it for you’ or DIY. Most creative idea to appear your bathroom more natural and rustic style.

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