15 Bathroom Decor Ideas 2020 (You Wish to Know Earlier)

Being part of a house, the bathroom deserves your attention. Despite of the fact that many people do not give proper treatment it deserves, your bathroom should receive what it needs to be a tranquil place. One of ways to enhance the comfort of the bathroom is by giving nice bathroom décor ideas. At least, this is the most practical method to enjoy the private place at its most.

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, there are immense choices you may opt for. Even small thing can make great change in the bathroom. Take for example, placing a borderless mirror in your narrow bathroom is able to create visually larger effect. There are many other options to decorate your bathroom you wish you knew earlier.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Window for small bathroom

It sounds ridiculous to have windows in the bathroom. But wait! In fact, it can be a great idea to light up the room, especially if your bathroom is quite narrow. The window can also serve as ventilation to remove bad odor. Once the bathroom is used, pull down the window treatment. Once you are done, open the window and let fresh air fill up the room.

2. Country style bathroom

This bathroom décor idea is suitable for you who bring country nuance to the house. Bathroom should not be missed and this idea is what you need to have. Combining mirror with classic frame and wooden furniture pieces, your bathroom will be a tranquil place to spend time.

3. Gray bathroom idea

Gray is a nice color to adopt, mostly used by modern-contemporary house. This grey bathroom combines eclectic light fixture installed over the sink for additional illumination. Your bathroom deserves such kind of ornamental piece. Get a touch of nature from small plant over the toilet.


4. Circular decorative mirror

Mirror is the simplest way when it comes to bathroom décor ideas. There are plenty of choices for bathroom mirror, one of which is this decorative circular mirror. Coming with unique design, this mirror is perfect to level up your small bathroom. Combine with white marble sink for ultimate beauty.

5. Contemporary bathroom décor

The following bathroom décor looks really nice, combining classic-modern decorative lamp and mirror with unique frame. The decoration blends perfectly with grey wall, giving such an indulging treat to your eyes. This décor idea is suitable for narrow bathroom space.

6. Natural bathroom

If you fall in love with everything about nature, this bathroom décor idea is a must have. The clean white bathroom combined with small plants put your bathroom into the next level. Do not forget to put aromatherapy for tranquil bathing experience.

7. Clean and sleek bathroom idea

White marble-top vanity is clean bathroom’s best friend. At the time you wish to have clean and sleek bathroom, this idea is what you need to keep in mind. Large mirror against the wall, with marble-top vanity in contrast color evoke modern appearance into the room.

8. Smart bathroom storage

Say goodbye to cluttered bathroom and say hello to organized private room. This will bring cozy ambience right after entering the room, especially after a tiring day at work. In addition to creating nice atmosphere, the storage also helps you get your personal stuff in seconds.

9. Mediterranean bathroom with rack storage

If you happen to adopt Mediterranean concept to the house, this bathroom décor idea will suit you best. Aside from peaceful ambience brought by its neutral color, the bathroom also comes with rack storage to keep your personal stuff in place.

10. Modern bathroom décor idea

Nobody can resist the beauty of this bathroom decoration. Designed with classy-modern concept with pendant lighting, you will feel the tranquility right after opening the door. Unique vanity sink definitely enhance the value of this bathroom.

11. Classy bathroom décor in gray

Do you wish to have classy bathroom décor ideas? This gray bathroom has everything you need to define your class. Designed with double vanity and mirror, you can use the vanity together with your spouse. The pendant light comes to show your style.

12. White narrow bathroom décor

There is nothing to worry about narrow bathroom. As long as you know what to do, everything is going to be fine. Take a look at this small white bathroom that looks nice with double mirror to give visually larger effect.

13. Nice blue bathroom décor

The combination of white and blue is always great for bathroom. This nice bathroom décor makes you feel energized, the only thing that you need before and after going to work.

14. Moroccan bathroom decorating idea

This is another decorating idea to steal, especially if you are into Moroccan style. Bringing classic-grandeur touch, this bathroom décor looks perfect with ambient light fixtures in the surroundings.

15. Royal bathroom décor idea

There is nothing better than enjoying your time in bathroom with royal concept. Separated shower cabin with glass door makes it a perfect treat for your tiring days.

Are you inspired already? Adopt those ideas and make adjustment according to your bathroom condition. Have a nice try!